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Cancer patient Pat Cudd reunites with dog Sherlock in new home

Pat Cudd and Sherlock reunite
Pat Cudd and Sherlock reunite
Facebook/Saving Sherlock

Readers may recall the story of Pat Cudd, a cancer patient looking for someone to take her dog, Sherlock, because Pat did not feel she had much time left and wanted the dog to be with someone when she died.

The Facebook page, Prayers for Pat Cudd and Sherlock was started by a concerned person who heard about Pat Cudd's situation and decided to help.

While Pat Cudd was able to place Sherlock with someone, Pat is now doing better and is living with her dog in a home in Colorado.

Pat Cudd had rescued Sherlock from a shelter about four years ago. Sherlock is a Pit Bull who could have been returned to the shelter if Pat had not found someone to take the dog.

During the time Pat was looking for someone to take Sherlock into their home, there was an active search on the part of many strangers that heard the story about Pat's situation.

The Facebook page of Kevin Torres who is with 9News shared details about Pat Cudd and Sherlock: .

Today’s interview was difficult. I met Pat Cudd, a Fort Collins woman who is dying from stage 4 breast cancer. Pat’s time on earth is running thin, but before she goes she has one last wish: She wants someone to adopt her Pit Bull. Pat rescued “Sherlock” four years ago. She could return him to the shelter, but there’s a good chance he would be put down. Pat is hoping someone can give him a good home.

If you think that you or someone you know might be able to help Pat Cudd find a home for Sherlock, please view the information on Saving Sherlock Facebook page. Also, interested readers may want to view Prayers for Pat Cudd and Sherlock on Facebook.

The original post by this writer about Pat Cudd and Sherlock can be viewed here. Followers were hoping for a miracle for Pat and Sherlock and perhaps one is happening right now.

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