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Cancer Institution at St. Joseph Medical Center- Part1

Celebrating Life, National Cancer Survivors Month Poster. June 2014
Celebrating Life, National Cancer Survivors Month Poster. June 2014

During National Cancer Survivors month June 2014, I had the pleasure of visiting The Breast Center at University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center. There was a huge sign located near the entrance as I entered the center from the parking lot. Dr. Michael J. Schultz, whom I have known for nearly 40 years is the Medical Director of the Breast Center. His office is located on the second floor, Suite 205. The Cancer Institute located on 7501 Olser Drive in Towson, Maryland.

Parking lot entrance to The Cancer Institution

I could say like a fine wine, Dr. Schultz has aged and his label has improved over time. Dr. Schultz has become well know in the medical community and locally recognized for his more than 35 years of dedication as a breast surgeon. What has improved is prevalent recognition of his compassion and the quality of his work. He now leads a team of breast oncology experts as a Medical Director at St. Joseph Medical Center.

The Breast Center is patient driven. Women with abnormal mammograms or lumps can be scheduled the day the call by speaking with Ginny. Upon their scheduled visit, women and their families get to briefly wait in a beautiful warm atmosphere with decor suitable for the Royal Family. Dr. Schultz spearheads the treatment program for patients diagnosed with breast cancer. Breast Navigator, Susan F. Feild is definitely in the right field. She gets patients to warm up to her as she compassionately works to alleviate anxieties that some women feel when they embark of the Breast Cancer Treatment journey. You can here Susan say, “I am here to hold your hand.” Martha Hoffman, Administrative Coordinator, is what I would call the go to person. Don't stand in the way of patients getting scheduled services or she will be like of a bulldozer. She moves obstacles out of the way for the patient and can make things happen.

It is ostensibly as if every time I turn my head I hear of women with breast cancer. It is like a plague. Charitable organizations, Fund raising events, Cancer Institutions, Grants, Researches and the like are popping up all over our nation. Rhetorically I ask, what is going on?

Are Cancer Institutions looking for the cause or cure; or are they the answer to a temporary bandage with their treatment programs? Why should you and your loves consider the Breast Center of University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center? Do they have a success rate? What makes this breast cancer institution different from any others. Do oncology staff and others at the breast cancer institute at St. Joseph Medical Center listen to the patients and are patients frustrated with overwhelming information being pushed on them? Is the medical staff at the Cancer Institution at St. Joseph Medical Center truly meeting the needs of their patients or are they more interested in the financial needs of the institution. Bottom line, are they about the money or is it patient first!

Stay tune for Part II.