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Cancer drugs on the rise: Rates double making treatments a financial burden

Cancer patients have enough to worry about just trying to deal with knowing they have this disease, the stress, pain and life-changing health issues they will have to deal with hoping for a cure or remission. Now we hear that in a CBS News report that aired today the average price of oncology treatments have doubled to $10,000 per month.

Rates double making treatments a financial burden for cancer patients
Micah Young

This is so alarming for anyone who is suffering from one form of cancer or another. Those with health insurance may have to pay the out of pocket coinsurance payment which can be anywhere from fifteen to twenty percent of the bill on a monthly basis.

Not many patients can afford these atrocious increases and may have to re-think their therapy and treatments which in the long run can be more harmful to their health. Some patients are stopping their drug treatments simply because they can’t afford to live and pay normal bills with medication expenses going up and up and up.

Last year alone treatment cost reached an all-time high of $91 billion. Some drug prices as well as some treatments can cost as much as $100,000. This is outrageous; the financial burden on families to save one member is quite alarming.

Why can’t the prices be more in-line with those in Europe. European prices on average are 38 percent lower than they are in the United States. Here very little if any discounts are available for cancer drugs and treatments to try and make lives a little bit easier on those inflicted with this horrible disease.

Oncology is the biggest focus today with regards to drug research and development. The fact the brand-name cancer drugs went from $5,000 to $10,000 per month is proving to be more of a lucrative business than the care, treatment and welfare of patients.

Hopefully there will be some additional hope for cancer patients in the near future that will enable them to get the treatment and drugs they desperately need without taking them for all they have because they have a strong will to live.

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