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"Cancer Can't Keep a Good Dog Down" calendar--call for entries!

Luke and his "boys" Hudson and Murphy on their historic travels.
Luke and his "boys" Hudson and Murphy on their historic travels.

Do you have a dog who has had or is currently fighting cancer?

This is the third year that 2 Dogs 2000 Miles will produce a beautiful calendar called the "Cancer Can't Keep A Good Dog Down," and you are invited to participate.

2 Dogs 2000 Miles gathers photo and story entries, and publishes them online for everyone to see and read. Then the voting begins. Each vote is $1, and voting lasts several weeks.

Last year's proceeds went to three veterinary comparative oncology programs and to 2 Dogs 2000 Miles. Proceeds from the 2011 calendar will again be distributed to university programs and comparative oncology studies, and to continue the educational goals of the nonprofit organization, 2 Million Dogs.

Interested? Here's how to enter. Just submit these things:

- One digital photo per dog, Make sure the photo is at least  500 KB in size. A 1 MB file is ideal. The contest accepts the following file formats: .jpg and .gif. Please don't submit  files in PDF or Microsoft .doc or .docx format, as the calendar can't use them.

- A one-paragraph story about your dog. Story length is 1,000 characters or less. That's 1,000 characters, not 1,000 words. The calendar format limits the length of stories that can be published. (Characters include everything: letters, numbers, punctuation, spaces, and all those funny little characters and symbols. Every keystroke is considered a character.) To find out how many characters your paragraph has, use an online character counter, like this one: CounterTool.

- Additional information. Include the name of your dog, your name, and your email. When your entry is received, you'll get a confirmation email. If it needs corrections (the story is too long, the photo is too small), you'll get an email about that.

- Multiple dogs. If you have more than one dog you'd like to enter in the contest, please do so! The same rules apply.

Send your submission(s) to this email address:

Submissions are accepted until July 31, 2010.

If you have any questions, please email Erich.

2 Dogs 2000 Miles was a historic walk undertaken by Luke and his two dogs Hudson and Murphy, from Austin TX to Boston MA. The group passed through the Dayton area in the early summer of 2009. The walk's mission was to spotlight the problem of cancer in dogs, to educate people, and to raise funds for this important cause. The walk concluded in Boston last month with a huge celebration. But, as Luke would say, "The need and the work continue!"


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