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Cancer benefit series

Relay for Life
Relay for Life
American Cancer Society

Cancer has touched the lives of many of us. In Anchorage one woman is committed to doing something about it and she is using music to help reach her goal.

Bands Fighting Cancer 2010 is a project started by Presscilla Estes of Life Rocks Productions. It is a concert series aimed at raising money for the Relay for Life, a division of the American Cancer Society (ACS), who are involved with research toward the prevention and treatment of cancer. The event started September 26th and will span until June of 2010 and will consist of a variety of “themed shows” throughout the year where Anchorage bands will battle to move to the next round. Local Anchorage musicians have volunteered their talents and time to benefit this effort (see list below). Estes believes that participants are more willing to be of help because of the nature of the cause, "promoters, club owners, and bands are more likely to provide time, energy, and equiptment because they feel like they are helping the fight against cancer."

The idea for a several month long battle of the bands came to Estes after doing a shorter series over last Memorial Day weekend called: Bands Fighting Cancer 2009. “From this experience, I decided to go further with the possibilities of having more than one weekend of fundraising and fun. Our community has so much amazing local talent why not take it to the next level,” said Estes, “With that decision I also formed Life Rocks Productions to open doors for possible opportunity to work with other organizations for fundraising.” There was $1800 raised in the first series. The sponsors were the Best Buy Music Department, who donated a sound system for the winning band ,and Accented Hair, Apogee Studios, and The Inked Monkey Tattoo donated gift certificates and door prizes to attendees. Anchorage's Player's House of Rock, off Spenard, sponsored the event by providing the venue.

Money is raised by taking donations at the door and through a voting system for the bands; each vote for a band costs $1.00. The winning band moves on to the next round. A commemorative CD will be published at the end of the rounds featuring some of the bands involved. Money may be donated by any means and by anyone; you need not attend the shows to donate (see below) though most donors would not want to miss the fun of seeing these great bands.

The following is a list of some of the bands currently participating:

Evil Ted And The Thick Pink Antiseptics, Sunbury, One Eyed Cowboy, The Dave Velasquez Band, The Rebuttals, Iyah Ites, Groove Nectar, Theory of Hate, Thera, Snack Pharm, Glass Halo, Sargasm, Shrapnel, PJ Franco and the Burn-Out, TOT KOPF, and Behind Your Back.

The following shows are scheduled:

October 24th at the Players House of Rock the Theme is Pretty In Pink Prom, 9pm to closing with Donations at the door. The performing bands are: Iyah Ites, The Dave Velasquez Band, and The Rebuttals.

There is also a show the following weekend on October 30th at Players House of Rock a Halloween Costume Party, 9pm to closing with Donations at the door. The performing bands are: One Eyed Cowboy, On My Skin, and Sunbury.

There are several shows a month scheduled for the rest of the series:

Players house Of Rock – November 20 – Winter Warm Up
Players House of Rock – December 11 – Naughty and Nice Party
Players House of Rock – January 1 - Metal Mania
Players House of Rock – January 22 - Punkatasia
Players Hose of rock – February 19 - TBA
Players House of Rock – March 12 – TBA
Players House of Rock – March 26 – TBA
Players House of Rock – April 9 – TBA
Players House of Rock – April 23 – TBA
Players House of Rock – May 14 – TBA
Finale ~ Location not yet decided, TBA by the end of the next month – June 5 & 6

Bands Fighting Cancer 2010 is actively seeking community minded business leaders who share our vision of community involvement and local support. We need sponsors at ALL levels and will be happy to discuss how you can be personally involved in our organization. Through the American Cancer Society all donations are tax deductible as a 501(c)3 non-profit donation to charity. We will provide a complete sponsorship packet upon request.

All of the money raised will stay in the local community. Attached is the American Cancer Society website, please sign up with our “Life Rocks” Relay For Life Team, If you are able to make a small donation, that would be nice as well. I am looking for sponsors, teams, vendors, etc. Email us for additional information on how to become involved at

Or contact:
Presscilla Estes
Life Rocks Productions, Bands Fighting Cancer
American Cancer Society Relay For Life