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Cancer Affects Us All

Royal Beauties
Celeste Lowe

The New Year started out for me in a very sad way. My sister was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer. When news hits this close to home it makes you take pause about priorities in your life. What really matters???

As my sister journeyed through her experience, she confirmed the notion that courage can be personified. Healing not only takes place physically, but emotionally and spritually as well.

She confronted fear like a knight going into battle, the battle of her life. She has an amazing ability to rise above it all. She has won the battle, but not the war, at least not yet.

Her spirit is undiminshed. Everyday brings new challenges, because her life has taken her down a road unexpected.

Being able to share this experience with her has rendered me helpless from so far away. A visit in the spring brought a new meaning to "sister time" for me. The time we spent together was the greatest gift I could be given. Spring is a time for rejuvination. We both felt rejuvinated and lifted after our short but amazing visit.

Even in the throws of a dreadful dis-ease she still has the power to give. If you are not giving then you are not living.

To this day, my sister considers each day a gift. A reason to be in the moment. A reason to let go of the past and always look to the future. On the horizon of future is hope.

There are some wonderful lessons to learn when you are delivered news that may shorten your life or the life of a loved one.

This short story is dedicated to everyone and anyone who has been affected by cancer. Let's remember the rich memories of those who have made the transition. Let's take care of those who are facing the undaunting task of overcoming cancer. Giving is living.

I love you!!!


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