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Cancelled Haiti flights admidst earthquake devastation

Haiti was hit by a 7.0 earthquake on Tuesday just before dusk. Afterwards the world began to mobilize. MSNBC reports that the Airport control tower at Port au Prince (PAP) collapsed. An early report said that the airfield or tarmac was not damaged but American airlines and Delta airlines have also cancelled all flights scheduled for PAP. According to Spirit airlines, flight 951 has been cancelled which was scheduled to depart Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport (FLL) this morning and arrive at 11:40AM. The same plane was scheduled to depart from PAP at 12:55 PM and arriving back at FLL about 3PM.

A lot of nations are mobilizing but the first thing required is to get the airport up and running at full capability. The airport operations are critical to a fast response to allow for other countries to deliver supplies and support but it only has 1 runway with no air traffic control infrastructure for ground to plane communications. A temporary communications will be implemented when the specialized troops arrive and a more permanent communications is put in. The command and control element of the rescue and recovery team will be a welcomed sight when they arrive today, according to CNN. For more flight information about flights to and from Haiti contact your respective airline, Flightstats, or the Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport.  All donations are asked to make sure it is a reputable charity.