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Cancelled: Easter sunrise service at The Hollywood Bowl


The Hollywood Bowl amphitheatre has hosted Easter sunrise services for eight decades.

In the final days before Easter Sunday 2010, the Hollywood Bowl has cancelled its 89th annual sunrise service which was planned for April 4. 

Due to lack of financial support from sponsors in the current economy, the non-denominational spiritual service will be suspended until next year.  For the 90th Easter sunrise service in 2011, volunteers and supporters hope to revive the tradition at the Bowl which started eight decades ago with Hollywood worshipers sitting on an open hillside.

Parking and admission to the annual event were free, but the past two years included a decrease in audience size to about 8,000 people.  Sponsorship in 2010 may have been affected by a key organizer falling victim to a stroke, combined with financial fallout.

While the current economic recession has people seeking uplifting events which are free and family-friendly, this one had to be abruptly dropped, and it's unlikely that everyone will get the news in time.

Volunteers plan to be at the Bowl starting at 4:30 am Sunday to direct uninformed worshipers as they arrive.   

In related news, the Bel Air Presbyterian Church will hold their service at the Bowl at 11:00 am Easter Sunday.  The church's Easter Choir and a professional orchestra will perform, with a Presbyterian pastor presiding. 

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