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Canadians enjoying their new fantasy

Fantas-Eh Football is a hit!
Fantas-Eh Football is a hit!

Canadian’s hobbies, at least according to a Molson Canadian commercial, include drinking beer, playing hockey and escaping to the great outdoors.

It is time to add CFL fantasy football to the list.

Since the launch of Fantas-Eh Football (, a new CFL fantasy football site, crowds have been flocking to the site.

“Currently, there are a few thousand people registered on the site,” says Matt Brown of Regina, who was behind the creation of the site along with fellow Reginans Aaron Brown, Dan Brown, Aaron Cook and Lee Garinger. “The reaction from the public has been great. We have received many emails from customers thanking us for creating the site. People are having a lot of fun playing Fantas-Eh.”

Fantas-Eh Football follows a similar format to other fantasy football sites with some exceptions. Teams consist of one quarterback (one starter), two running backs (one starter), four wide receivers/slotbacks (three starters), four defensive linemen (two starters), three linebackers (two starters) and four defensive backs (two starters).

Drafting individual defensive players is obviously different from most sites where owners draft group defences. Fantas-Eh Football owners also have the option to draft team quarterbacks as well. Also, due to the unique import rule in the CFL, owners must start one Canadian per week (though that is only the default setting).

Due to some suggestions, Brown says more features may be added to the site next year.

“One of our next priorities after site functionality is to upgrade the site based on our observations and customer suggestions,” he notes. “Many improvements have already been made this year including the online draft and individual player stats during games.”

Brown adds “Our team is constantly working to improve and will release an even better site in 2011. Some upgrades that you may see in 2011 are increased roster limits, additional stat settings, including forced fumbles, fumbles, pass knock downs, special teams etc., a search mechanism in the free agent list and the option to sort the free agent list by point totals.”

Before the idea for the site came around, the creators of Fantas-Eh Football were simply fans of the CFL who longed for a CFL fantasy football site. After some of their own attempts to run a league on paper “failed miserably” last year, they decided to try and create a site that would not only allow everyone easy access to CFL fantasy football, but look professional.

Mission accomplished.

On the main page, once an owner logs into their league, they can view the standings, talk some smack, customize their team or make a trade. The team management page gives an owner complete control over their team, whether they want to enter trade negotiations or sign a free agent. On the starting lineup page, owners can set their lineup by easily dragging the applicable player to the applicable spot on the screen. Finally, on the game day match-up page, owners can take a look at how their teams is doing in their game and view other scores from around their fantasy league.

On the front page of the entire site, there is all the information potential players need and the site has even added a fantasy column title “Prophet’s Picks” to keep fans informed on the latest fantasy news.

Fantas-Eh Football is not only easy to use, but it is visually appealing.

“Without a high quality site it is unlikely that CFL fantasy football would be taken seriously,” Brown explains. “Clearly, many of our customers are experienced fantasy players and would accept nothing other than a quality site. We have received many compliments on our site design and features. Clearly, our site has become a legitimate entity in the fantasy sports world.

“I still remember seeing components of the site for the first time and I was amazed. I think many of our customers felt the same way when they logged onto Fantas-Eh for the first time! We are very proud of what we have created and feel that Canadians are deserving of a quality fantasy site.”

Cook, a computer programmer, designed the site.

“To put it simply – without Aaron Cook, there would be no Fantas-Eh football,” says Brown. “He is an incredibly intelligent and talented programmer. Aaron has spent countless hours creating the Fantas-Eh site and providing tech support to our customers. One of the best things about Aaron is that he is very good at writing code, yet he still has the ability to build a site that demonstrates creativity and looks incredible. Because there are no other programmers in our group, Aaron has had a massive work load and has handled it very well.”

One of the major questions facing the creators of the site when they undertook such a large project was: How will they record live stats? The creators of the site made a commitment to watch each game and collect “quickly and accurately”.

“Our stat collection process involves watching all games and then reviewing published statistics to check for discrepancies,” Brown explains. “There have been times when we see something other than what appears in the published statistics, but it is fairly uncommon. Any mistakes we make are generally fixed before the weekly turnover.

“Up until this point, the worst thing about collecting stats was giving up our season tickets for the Saskatchewan home opener against Montreal. Missing one of the most exiting games of all time was a true test of our commitment – and believe me, it was tough!”

If you’d like to give Fantas-Eh Football a try, but would like to give it a test drive before shelling out the $79.99 ($59.99 if you buy during the free trial) for a league, you’re in luck.

“Our free trial is still in effect,” says Brown. “We decided to extend the free trial because we wanted people to have the opportunity to test the product before purchasing it. We feel very confident in our product and have received numerous emails from customers who look forward to purchasing a league.”



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