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2014 Winter Olympics

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Canadian women's curling team enter Olympic final hot

Jennifer Jones
Jennifer Jones
Trevor Hagan, Getty Images

According to the World Curling Federation website on Thursday, Jennifer Jones' curling team from Winnipeg enters the gold medal final against Sweden as the very best curlers at each position in the women's curling tournament.

Jones leads all skips at 86%, Kaitlyn Lawes leads all thirds at 83%, Jill Officer leads all seconds at 84%, and Dawn McEwen leads all leads at 91%. The statistics are only based on the round robin portion of the tournament and does not include Canada's 6-4 semi-final win over Great Britain.

In the semi-final however, (a 6-4 Canada win), Canadian second Jill Officer flashed twice and was outcurled by Great Britain second Vicki Adams (91% compared to 80%), while Great Britain third Anna Sloan outcurled Lawes 86% to 81%.

The Jones team meanwhile is also trying to become the first Olympic women's curling team to go undefeated at a Winter Olympic Games. When Sandra Schmirler of Biggar, Saskatchewan won the Olympic gold for Canada at the 1998 Olympic Winter Games in Nagano, she lost to two-time world champion Dordi Nordby of Norway 6-5 in the round robin.