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Canadian terrorists kidnapped two American journalists in Syria

It turns out, three Canadians are directly responsible for the kidnapping of two American journalists by Islamic extremists in Syria, according to a Canadian public broadcaster report out Wednesday.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation said the identities of the Canadian Islamic militants remain a mystery — however, it has been learned that they forced Americans Theo Curtis and Matt Schrier to give them personal computer passwords before they drained their bank accounts and racked up credit card bills.

The CBC report says the Canadian trio also wrote to the journalists’ families pretending to be their loved ones. According to the CBC the Canadian government is investigating but would not provide commentary on “operational matters of national security.”

The American journalists were held in captivity between 2012 and 2013. Curtis was recently released but Schrier managed to escape last year.

Meanwhile, Ottawa has stated that as many as 130 Canadians are fighting overseas with extremist groups like the Islamic State while independent sources say there could be many more Canadians fighting alongside Islamic extremists in the Middle East and other places abroad.

The conservative-led Canadian government passed legislation in June to strip Canadian citizenship from dual nationals who engage in acts of terrorism or fight against the country's military abroad. Liberal dual nationality laws allow terrorists to move freely between host countries.

As far back as February 2014, Canadian intelligence reported that more than 30 Canadians were fighting with extremist groups in Syria, leading to concerns they could return home and pose an “immediate” threat to national security.

Appearing before the Senate National Security and Defense Committee, Michel Coulombe testified about “Canadians who are abroad in support of extremist activities, including approximately 30 in Syria alone.”

Middle East terrorist groups like Al Qaeda and Islamic State are recruiting from more Western societies and the alarming number of Western terrorists fighting alongside Islamic extremists has been widely reported on since two American journalists were beheaded by a British-accented Islamic State executioner.

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