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Canadian star Justin Bieber Miami DUI a lesson for global artists

Use Justin Bieber's tragic DUI arrest to educate visit MADD
Use Justin Bieber's tragic DUI arrest to educate visit MADD
Miami Police Department

Justin Bieber one of the most viral stars on twitter may be an example for global artist around the globe. Being on a working visa to enter the United States it is important for all artists to know the laws of the country, state region that you are working in.

"The Miami alleged DUI of star Justin Bieber is a great example to watch closely, as it plays out on national news media, and social media tweets. With So many artists hired around the globe in Broadway productions, or concerts, on global national tours, maybe this huge star and his Miami DUI will educate others." Broadway Global.

It's important for all artists to follow this story closely. A DUI arrest not only effects your career, but your chance of obtain and hold a current visa in countries that allow artists to share their talents with the globe. As the arrest hits global media, maybe lives will be saved before one gets behind the wheel, while under the influence of prescriptions, drugs and or alcohol.

Theatre Chat shares this story to our 180,000 arts sharing fans who promote artists and arts. We as arts leaders must demand education on the use of prescriptions, drugs and alcohol. The average artists does not have the funds to have legal representation on such serious charges. Let Justin Bieber's DUI arrest educate all, as an example to those who may find themselves behind the wheel, while under the influence. You may not be as lucky, as this huge star.

"Once working on a musical "Beehive", one of the artists was arrested. She was playing the role of Tina Turner and without her presence at the performnace, the white understudy would have needed to cover te role. The theatre producer paid the bail to get the singer to the show before her Tina Turner number. Why do I share this story? Becuase your choices in life effect others on so many levels. Let us focus on this, no one was hurt, killed and to share Justin Biber's arrest to educate others, and possibly save a life today. ' Theatre Chat.

"Life is to precious to take for granted. Look for programs that may offer you a ride home, or better yet, drug rehab programs that teach you respect for your life and lives of others, that you could put in harms way. Please visit a Theatre Chat and Broadway Global top not for profit for this Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD Post this article by clicking on the sharing social media buttons above, and list a program in your area. Let's use this tragic news on one of the globes biggest stars, Justin Bieber to educate!" BroadwayGlobal and Theatre Chat.

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