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Canadian seal hunt is failing to meet its massive kill quota

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In spite of growing international boycotts, the Canadian seal hunt officially began on April 14, 2014 with an astonishing 400,000 kill quota. This is up by 344% from last year’s 90,000 quota. But after 30 days, this year’s hunt is proving to be a failure.

Rebecca Aldworth, Executive Director of Humane Society International/Canada, conveyed in an email communication that as of May 5th, 50,672 baby seals have been slaughtered. Despite this being a large number, it only represents 13% of the established quota. Aldworth also stated that the “seal pups are taking to the water and beginning their migration north”. Therefore, it is unlikely that the sealers will kill the 349,000 pups needed to meet the quota by June when the season officially ends.

International bans in seal trade products are making the world’s largest annual slaughter of marine animals a waste of life and resources. Countries joining the United States in the fight against the seal hunt are Mexico, the European Union, Russia, Kazakhstan and Taiwan. Recently, China announced that the deal established in 2011 to import seal meat from Canada has stalled due to the growing public outcry against the seal hunt.

If you would like to join the cause to end the Canadian Seal Hunt for good, please consider downloading the Protect the Seals App on your mobile device. You will have access to information about seal friendly grocery stores and restaurants as well as have the ability to sign up for news alerts. Another thing you can do to help end the seal slaughter is sign online petitions such as the one posted on the Humane Society International website. Providing a voice for the voiceless can really help make a difference!

I would like to extend a special thank you to Rebecca Aldworth for taking the time to answer my email inquiries about the Canadian seal slaughter. The Humane Society International is the only organization actively monitoring and collecting footage about the horrors being inflicted upon the young seals.

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