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Canadian police urged to arrest father of honor killing victim for complicity

Abdul Malik Rustam, wearing a burkah, before the killing, to gain access to the victim's apartment.
Abdul Malik Rustam, wearing a burkah, before the killing, to gain access to the victim's apartment.
Toronto Sun

WASHINGTON DC: The premier pro-independence group American Friends of Balochistan Thursday called the offices of Canadian police chief William Blair and the homicide officials to demand the arrest of the father of a honor killing victim Shaher Bano Shahdady.

The A.F.B. called the offices of Canadian police chief homicide division and told them that Mulla Abdul Ghafoor, father of Shahdady was clearly complicit in her killing. "This is what good Muslims do when women get out of hand," is what Mulla Ghafoor told the trial judge, while appealing for mercy for the killer, Abdul Malik Rustam.

“The investigating officials have clearly failed to do a thorough job,” the A.F.B. chief deplored. He pointed out that the killer wore a burkah, a shroud like black clothing, and women shoes and returned to the father's home immediately after the killing and the two went together to say their morning prayers a couple of hours later.

Shahdady, a Canadian Baloch girl, was forcibly transported out of Canada at an early age to Pakistan and enrolled in the Darul Uloom Binoria, the spiritual fountainhead of al Qaeda in Karachi, by her dad. The mulla father forced her to marry one of his totally illiterate relatives, a tailor from the largest slum in Asia named Lyari. The killer arrived on Canadian soil just a few months prior to the killing.

Abdul Malik Rustam wanted Shahdady to give up her cell phone and stop befriending males on Facebook. Shahdady, who was founder of an entertainment site on Facebook with more than 8.000 young Baloch members, refused. As Mulla Ghafoor fully supported his son-in-law, Shahdady walked out of her father's home and went to live on her own at her Scarborough apartment just three weeks before the July 22, 2011 brutal slaying. She filed for divorce.

Reports from Toronto suggest there was an attempt to hush-up the killing.

“There is absolutely no justification for this mulla (Islamic cleric) to walk free on Canadian soil,” the A.F.B. chief said.

As a secular voice for Balochistan independence in North America, the A.F.B. condemns honor killings and forced marriages. The A.F.B. played a key role in bringing the honor killing of Shahdady to the notice of the mainstream Canadian media.

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