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Canadian police unable to locate bite victim after shooting death of pit bull

No 'victim' has come forward after police kill dog
No 'victim' has come forward after police kill dog

Police in Glouchester, Canada have been unable to locate a victim after a pit bull was shot last week, The Ottawa Sun reported April 23.

A pit bull was discovered "at large" by officers who responded to a call on Naskapi Drive in Glouchester around 4 p.m. last Thursday. Police were dispatched after a child had reportedly been bitten by a pit bull.

A pit bull was found wandering the neighborhood, and was shot and killed after officer's felt the dog was 'about to attack them.'

Having a pit bull at large is in violation of city animal control bylaws which ban pit bulls. Back in 2008, police requested extra manpower if officer's were to enforce the ordinance.

Since no help was given, police have done little to fine pit bull owners unless a dog created a problem.

Staff Sgt. Dave Zackrias stated in an interview with Ottawa Sun

"The dog ran towards him in an aggressive manner.The officer feels bad."

Krystle Matar defended the dog killed , saying Marley was around three years old and often played with her twin daughters in the backyard. Accorting to Krystle, Marley wasn't aggressive.

Marley's owner hasn't been charged at as of the time of this article. Despite an investigation, no one has come forward saying they were injured by Marley.

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