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2014 Winter Olympics

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Canadian Olympian Justin Kripps’ website banned by Russian government

Justin Kripps' website was censored by the Russian Government
Justin Kripps' website was censored by the Russian Government
Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

It appears that the Russian Government has a problem with Justin Kripps’ website. The Olympic athlete is a Canadian currently going for the gold at the 2014 Sochi Winter Games, but for some reason he isn’t getting too much traffic from Russia thanks to the government block. According to Huffington Post on Friday, the bobsledder is wondering exactly why his site has been banned for people to read while other Olympic athletes have not had any issues with their websites.

“Looks like my website is censored in Russia, haha classic #SochiProblems I wonder if there’s a camera in my room,” tweeted Olympic athlete Justin Kripps on Friday. While he is probably kidding about the camera, eh definitely isn’t joking about the block. Those folks looking at the site in Russia get a page that comes up to prohibit them from viewing. It offers little explanation on exactly why it is blocked, but gives more of a general appeal.

While the website looks harmless in America, there might be a concern over the picture that recently when viral of Justin Kripps and his buddies. The athlete is seen in his underwear, but the picture isn't overly sexual or offer any stance about inappropriate relationships. Even so, the Russians must have felt strong enough about that picture (or something else) to remove access to the site for public viewing.