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Canadian Navy ship towed to Pearl Harbor following fire

Passengers gathered as ship is rescued after fire on Pacific Ocean
Passengers gathered as ship is rescued after fire on Pacific Ocean
Navy Times

A Canadian Navy ship’s engine caught on fire, and guests onboard got more than they had bargained for during their cruise in which they were supposed to see some drills and learn about a Canadian sailor’s job on the Pacific. The passengers, who witnessed the mishap on Tuesday, saw how the crew had to put out a fire on the naval refueling ship, according to a Yahoo! News report on Tuesday.

Following the challenging incident, a United States Navy ocean tug towed the Canadian ship with some 300 crew members aboard to Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. The fire caused 20 sailors to be injured.

Passengers on the ship during the fire and tug rescue included family members of the crew who were traveling on the ship on its return from Esquimalt, British Columbia. Reportedly, it is quite common for family members to be with crew members as they return from long missions.

USS Michael Murphy, a guided-missile destroyer, was dispatched by the United States Navy to assist the disabled ship. It brought 19 of the family members and one injured Canadian sailor to Pearl Harbor. There was a doctor on the ship where the fire occurred, and the doctor tended to sailors who experienced dehydration, exhaustion and smoke inhalation.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.