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Canadian navy ship: HMCS Protecteur towed to Hawaii after fire

Canadian navy ship: HMCS Protecteur towed to Hawaii after fire.
cc Wikimedia Commons

Canadian navy ship HMCS Protecteur is being towed to Hawaii by a U. S. Navy tug after a fire. The ship was north of Hawaii when an engine fire broke out. According to the Associated Press on Mar. 4, 300 crewmembers were on board.

The U.S. Navy dispatched guided-missile destroyer USS Michael Murphy to help the disabled vessel.

Canadian navy ship was met at sea by the USS Michael Murphy, which took 19 family members who were on board to Pearl harbor. It is not uncommon for family members to join crews on board after a long mission.

It is not known what caused the fire as it is still under investigation. The ship had been on a three to four week refueling mission before the fire broke out. Family members were impressed by how quickly the crew reacted after the fire alarms went off.

The Canadian navy ship is expected to arrive in Hawaii by Thursday. The USS Sioux will be towing the vessel into Pearl Harbor. The same ship was damaged in a collision with the HMCS Algonquin on its way to Hawaii. Canadian military said that the ship will be retired in 2015.

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