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Canadian coach shares true Olympic meaning with a ski for Russian skier

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A Canadian coach came to the aid of a Russian skier who wrecked his ski in a tumble and was hobbling along through the cross-country ski event trying to do the best he could with what was left. Justin Wadsworth brought Anton Gafarov another ski in what seen as a gold medal show of sportsmanship for the crowd.

According to MSN News on Feb. 11, the Russian cross-country skier suffered a rather nasty spill, rendering one of his skis barely holding together during the men's semifinal run. That is when the Canadian coach didn't care what country the skier was from, he was just helping out one of the Olympic athletes.

The folks on the sidelines were touched by this show of good sportsmanship and the registered their praise with cheers as Wadsworth came to the skier's rescue. The Russian skier went on his way to finish the course as the crowd cheered him on.

Canada is showing their stuff big time at the 2014 Winter Olympics. They're doing great in medals, their sportsmanship is above all today and they've got a system for free beer making headline news.

Molson Canada has furnished a free-beer fridge for the Canadian athletes and in order to get that free beer you have to have a Canadian passport. The competitors just swipe their passports under the sensor and like magic, a free cold beer is theirs!

It looks like Canada has a few good examples on how to live your life, showing generosity to their fellow man through a helping hand and a cold beer!