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Canadian bobsled crash a scary scene at Sochi Olympics; team walks away (photos)

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There was a scary moment on the bobsled course during the heats on Saturday. One of Canada's three bobsleds crashed during the second run of the Olympic four-man bobsled competition. In a split second the bobsled was turned on the side. According to CBC Olympics, the guys walked away from the crash, but there was split second where everyone was thinking the worst. According to NBC Sports on Saturday, the Canadians’ sled had the left rudder go off the ice heading into a left-hand turn. This caused the sled to slam into the banking and flip on its side. The facial expressions from other athletes who saw the crash was intense and staff immediately stopped to assist.

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“Canada 3 walks away from bobsleigh crash,” tweeted CBC Olympics, the official news source for Canada’s Olympics. The news media also included a picture of the guys walking away from the bobsled after up off the track.

While the guys appeared to be fine, there is no doubt the athletes are trying to determine the next step for Canada’s team. Any crash can make a team lose focus, but being this was pretty serious there is no telling what will be decided.

Take a look at the photo slideshow of Canada-3 on the bobsled course. It’s nice to see these guys are fine after crashing.