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Canadian anchorwoman demos 'fellatio-like method' to cure toddler teething

Lisa Dutton, one of the TV anchors of "The Morning News" on Global Saskatoon, began by trying to advise mothers on how to handle their teething children when her demonstration took a somewhat sexual turn. The somewhat NSFW incident appears to have occurred and was uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday.

Lisa Dutton FUBAR
Video Capture

Dutton, speaking to her co-host, Kevin Stanfield, can be seen embedded. As she said, "When my son was teething, he used to like to take the big fat rubber end of my vibrat ---." At this point, based on the fact that the video was labeled NSFW, we expected her to conclude the word and make it "vibrator." Instead, Dutton said, "vibrating toothbrush."

She continued: "... and put it in his mouth -- on -- and just kind of sit there like 'Oh yeah, that’s good. That hits the spot. My gums are itchy.'"

At this point, Stanfield turns to the camera with a huge grin on his face, looking as though he is thinking ... "Is she doing what I think I am seeing?" Unfortunately for Dutton, as she was demonstrating her son's method for alleviating his teething pain, it looked a lot like she was giving the well-known gesture for fellatio.

Although the video has gone viral, nearing 200,000 views just on YouTube alone (it is also embedded via other sites, as well), Dutton has chosen to avoid any mention of the subject on Twitter. She does have a Twitter account, but has made no tweets, even humorous ones, addressing the humorous video.

"The Morning News" is sort of a chain of morning shows across various Canadian networks. Dutton and Stanfield are named as the anchor and weather/traffic anchor, respectively, for the Global Saskatoon version. Taylor Shire is the sports anchor.


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