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Canada's Sunshine Coast Is Worth a Visit by Bill Vanderford

Toasting the Sunset on the Sunshine Coast-Photo by Bill Vanderford
Toasting the Sunset on the Sunshine Coast-Photo by Bill Vanderford
Bill Vanderford

Because of daily flights out of Atlanta, it is easy for folks in the Southeast to enjoy the beauty and exciting lifestyle of Vancouver. Less than an hour away by car and ferry, however, a completely different world with a slower pace, warmer temperatures, friendly people and breathtaking scenery can be experienced along British Columbia’s hidden jewel...the Sunshine Coast!

Take a short drive from downtown Vancouver to Horseshoe Bay and catch a BC Ferry across a resplendent but protected bay between Bowen and Gambier Islands to the port at Langdale. From there, drive a few miles west to Gibsons Landing. This unique village is also home to Molly’s Reach, which was made famous in the popular TV Series “The Beachcombers.”

The entire community is built on a ridge that seems to flow downhill through a multitude of eclectic shops and eateries into a picturesque harbor. Many of the docks are lined with colorful flowers and are filled with everything from common fishing boats to luxurious yachts. Even a “seawalk” has been constructed around the harbor to allow different views from above. The Winegarden Waterfront Park also overlooks the harbor and is usually home to a weekend market for local artisans.

Continuing northwest along the shores of the Strait of Georgia on Highway 101 from Gibsons to the vicinity of Pender Harbour, the Sunshine Coast reveasl a plethora of communities and islands that feature local history, cultural heritage and many natural attractions. Just by turning your head 360 degrees, you will be enthralled by the subtleness of inlets and tributaries, plus the magnificence of the Coastal Mountains.

All along this picturesque pathway, side trips to see local artists, taste mouthwatering cuisine or languish in luxurious lodgings are constantly beckoning. Many privately operated bed and breakfast style homes can be rented for a night or longer.

These are but a few of the wonderful possibilities that are encountered along the Sunshine Coast from Gibsons all the way Pender Harbour...but so much more is waiting. Summer days also offer kayaking, canoeing and fishing excursions. No matter what your interests, every visitor to the Sunshine Coast finds something special to remember that seems to bring them back, and this area is one of British Columbia’s best kept secrets!

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