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Canada's Arts and Crafts Examiner gets organized to assist her readers

Canada’s Arts and Craft Examiner, Trish MacQueen, is undergoing some structural changes this weekend that will make reading this column a little more organized and well-rounded for readers.

Couple walking in the Rain enjoying architectural structures.
Public domain. Image courtesy of the Art Renewal Center.

Starting next week, Canada’s Arts and Craft column will feature specific arts on regular days each week. A new schedule has been devised and plans are underway to make sure that each day, Monday to Friday, reader will have regularly scheduled news and information from the segment of the industry.

After carefully examining what is available, the following schedule has been established for each week:

• Mon. – Arts, Art & Design
• Tues. – Books & Literature
• Wed. – Performing Arts, Music
• Thur. – Film, Media, and Television
• Fri. – Crafters News & Views

With these changes to Canada’s Art and Crafts, readers are encouraged to subscribe and stop by everyday to see what is new in the world of arts and crafts.

So, what are you waiting for, subscribe today and don’t miss a minute of this new format.

Canada’s Arts and Crafts Examiner, Trish MacQueen


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