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Canada police shooting leaves 3 Mounties dead, suspect at large: Witness video

The shooting death of three Canada police has the small town of Moncton in New Brunswick on lockdown as the suspect is still at large. Gun violence is rare in Canada and shooting of law enforcement is one of the rarest events when it comes to violence, according to USA Today on June 5.

Three Canadian Mounties shoot, Suspect at large and armed and dangerous.
YouTube screen shot

The police know the identity of the suspect doing the shooting, Justin Bourque, 24, but they have not released a motive for the carnage. Bourque is dressed in camouflage and carrying two rifles, witnesses to the shooting said.

According to Fox News today, Bourque has killed three Canadian Mounties and wounded two others in this shooting. Police, who are now mourning the loss of three brothers, are pulling together to try and capture the suspect before he hurts others. He is considered armed and dangerous and police are stressing that not to confront this suspect.

To ensure public safety a good portion around the area of the shooting is on lockdown. Police are asking people to stay in their homes and heed the warning. Even the mayor of Moncton has asked the public to heed the police warning and hunker down inside.

Armed RCMP officers have patrolled the street of Moncton all night, looking for the suspect. The people of this small east coast city are terrified with the man responsible for these shootings still at large today. Bourque is from Moncton, so many people in this small town know who he is.

Bourque was seen by witnesses walking along the street with two rifles. He stopped and opened fire on the police. He killed three officers and wounded two others. This bizarre incident was captured on video of one of the residents of this town. They were taking the video looking outside a window from their home. You can hear the shots being fired along with the horrified reaction of the people in that house.

Moncton Mayor George LeBlanc "issued an impassioned plea" for the residents in the area of the shooting to stay indoors. He also expressed his sadness over the slain officers.

Mounted Police Constable Damien Theriault said that he has lost three of his friends and they have to put off the grieving to find the suspect at large. That is the best thing they can do in memory of the dead officers right now, get this guy off the streets and away from hurting others.

Roads are blocked and traffic is disrupted in the marked area of the lockdown. Police have asked that everyone avoid that area until further notice. One resident, Danny LeBlanc, saw the suspect in the distance on Wednesday night. He was in camouflage and pointing his gun at police cars while standing in the middle of the street.

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