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Canada 'frost quakes': Booming, shaking blamed on frost quakes

Frost quakes behind booming, cracking noises in Toronto and Ontario.
Photo by Joseph Johnson/Getty Images

Canada "frost quakes" are the reason behind loud booming, shaking, and jolting many residents have experienced around Toronto and Ontario. Temperatures have dropped -4 Fahrenheit and it has caused the underground to freeze.

The frost quakes are powerful enough to shake houses and alarm people who hear and feel them. It feels similar to an actual earthquake, reports Jan. 6.

Frost quakes are typically found in polar regions and are known as cryoseisms. In the majority of instances, these kinds of quakes happen after drenching rainfall or excess snow covers the groud. Water and moisture is absorbed into the underground where it freezes -- mostly at night during the coldest period. The Canada frost quakes occurred at about 3:20 a.m.

It is believed that frost quakes have happened more often, but they were not reported because most people are unsure what they are. The report further added that there has been reports of these taking place in upstate New York, Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, and Vermont.

It was a scary thing residents experienced during the Canada frost quakes. When something like that happens where you least expect it and do not know what it is, it can be extremely unsettling.

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