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Canada and Russia are in a Twitter battle over Ukraine

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Canada seems to have strained relations with Russia over Ukraine. In regard to this matter ABC News reported on Aug. 28, 2014 that the Canadian and Russian NATO missions are trolling each other on Twitter.

Yes, there is an actual war in Ukraine. Now there's also a Twitter battle heating up on between the Canadian and Russian missions to NATO over Ukraine. This all began when on Wednesday the Canadian Twitter account tweeted a map which was intended to assist the Russian soldiers who ended up in Ukraine but who reportedly claimed they weren't sure where they were going.

Yahoo News reports that Russia has unleashed a counter-troll in response to Canada's version of a map Russia. Canada's map shaded in Crimea, which is the strategic peninsula Russia annexed in March, as part of "Not Russia." Russia has posted a map which labels Russia as also being in Crimea. Let's hope the Canadians and Russians can work out their differences of opinion about Crimea peacefully.