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Can your man use a style makeover?

Can your guy use a little help?

Are you in a relationship with a guy who could care less about the latest fashion trends?

In some cases his favorite t-shirt from college and a pair of faded jeans will do just fine for any occasion. He is more about the comfort of the clothes than about how the clothes look. Trying to get him to dress up and asking him to put on a pair of slacks and a tie is like telling him he has to go the dentist and get all of his teeth pulled.

What can you do to get him to take his style to the next level?

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If you are trying to get your guy to step it up just a little, when it comes to style, the first thing you can do is ease him into it slowly.

When you decide to purchase something for him it's not about you. What you think he would look good in and what he feels comfortable in are two different things. The next time you go shopping for him buy something you think he might like.

If you are shopping for the t-shirt and jeans type of guy buy him a pair of jeans that are a little darker wash than usual. Top it off with a nice stripped shirt that looks like a t-shirt but is actually a step up. This way he still has his look with a little more style.

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As he get used to the subtle changes you can ease him into other items like a button down collar shirt. As he starts to embrace his new unforced look the next time you go shopping he may just want to tag along. Before you know it he may just turn the tables and make some suggestion for you. (Just kidding)

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