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Can Your Child’s School WiFi System Cause Deadly Brain Cancer?

Can your child's laptop or tablet be using potentially cancer causing school Wi-Fi system?
Can your child's laptop or tablet be using potentially cancer causing school Wi-Fi system?
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You may have just purchased a brand new laptop computer or even tablet for your child this Christmas and watched the excitement building up on his or her face. Yet, according to the New Zealand parents whose son recently died, your child’s school may turn the new computer or tablet into an unknown death sentence, according to Opposing Views.

Ethan Wyman was a New Zealand whose parents claimed received brain cancer due to the school’s W-Fi system when he operated his “school-issued iPad.” For most parents the idea that their child could be using a computer or tablet that could cause brain cancer when hooked into their school’s Wi-Fi system is the last likely concern on their mind.

But according to Ethan’s parents when they received the unfortunate news from the child’s doctors that their son had tumors in is brain they began to seriously wonder what the cause could be attributed to. Since the doctors had informed the parents that the tumors were no more than three months old and Ethan had been bringing home his iPad exactly one month before the tumors, they deduced that the culprit for the tumors had to be the school’s Wi-Fi system, suggested Opposing Views.

Should you be worried that your child may become the inadvertent victim of possible cancer causing Wi-Fi electromagnetic fields? Most authorities that have examined scientific research on possibility of cancer being the result of exposure to Wi-Fi appear to believe there is no causal connection to brain tumors.

In fact the New Zealand Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education has moved to calm the heightened fears of parents who are aware of Ethan’s parent’s claims. According to their National Research Council, their statement advises the public that over a 20-year period after reviewing more than 500 scientific studies, there was no, “conclusive and consistent evidence that electromagnetic fields harm humans.”

When doctors discovered tumors in Ethan’s brain, they told his parents the tumors were roughly three months old. Coincidentally, Ethan had been using an iPad at home and school for about four months. Though all scientific research shows no causal connection between electromagnetic fields (like Wi-Fi) and cancer, the Wyman family still believes the device played a role in his cancer development, according to Opposing Views.

The Wymans are not satisfied with the answers they have received and still would like the total removal of Wi-Fi devices from the school classrooms and all school buildings. While the school board is not agreeing to those measures they are willing to survey the parents to find out where they stand on the issue of Wi-Fi devices in being in their child’s classrooms.

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