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Can your ashes! Dispose of fireplace ashes safely

Can your ashes for safety
Can your ashes for safety

Now that the rain has finally arrived and the Winter Spare the Air Days are behind us, a lot of people are turning to their fireplaces as a heat source. Already in the past month, we have two tragic examples of how improper disposal of fireplace ashes can start horrific fires (Connecticut and Reno). If you use a fireplace in your home, you have a responsibility to know how to dispose of ashes safely.

One of the best ways to dispose of ashes is by using a metal can designed for this purpose. Two great resources for learning how to use a metal ash can are The Fireplace Channel and Firewise Communities. It will take less than five minutes to read the information on The Fireplace Channel and to watch the video from Firewise Communities.

Fireplace supplies, including ash cans, can be purchased at San Jose area hardware stores (Ace, Home Depot, Orchard Supply Hardware (OSH), and Lowe's) or from a local fireplace store, such as Bay Area Fireplace. You should be able to find an ash can for about $50.

We all enjoy a winter fireplace scene--make sure yours doesn't turn tragic.