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Can you Smell the Love Tonight?


As Valentine’s Day approaches, selecting a seductive fragrance is top of mind for many women. But with so many to choose from, cutting through the clutter can be a challenge. You don’t want something too heavy, you don’t want something too sweet… which is why when we heard about Lierac Eau Sensorielle, a light and hydrating water for the body that you spray on after your bath or shower, we were intrigued.

Created by renowned French labs (and let’s face it – who does fragrance better than the French), Lierac is the first French dermo-cosmetic brand specialized in the correction of visible signs of skin aging and esthetic disorders on the face and body. Lierac knows, shares and speaks “The Language of the Skin”. This is the signature of expertise that can be seen and felt, an ideal of French seduction that accompanies you each day to help you look and stay beautiful.

Their Eau Sensorielle collection of hydrating body waters are focused on 3 white flowers: Gardenia, Camellia and Jasmine. The result: 24 hydration and relaxing effects, not to mention a fragrance to die for.

Pulling different properties from each, the three scents have distinct healing properties in addition to their fragrance. Gardenia is meant to tone and relax, Camellia provides protection, nourishment and softening, and Jasmine highlights anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties.

Adding to these are a series of super-ingredients. Argan Oil: protection rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E. Hazelnut Oil: healer rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins A, E, B1, B2 and B3. Sweet Almond Oil: antioxidant rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins E and flavonoid.

Simply apply, enjoy the hydrating and healing results, and the look on that special someone’s eyes as they nuzzle in close and get a whiff this Valentine’s Day.

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