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Can You See God in Creativity

Today’s Torah Commentary from Exodus 26:31-37
The Second Book of the Torah, “Shemot,” “Names.”
This weeks reading is “Terumah,” “Offering.”

Today we continue reading about the details of how GOD wants HIS tabernacle built.

This reading includes details of the cloth partition that is to be the separating curtain between the Holy of Holies and the sanctuary. It is to be woven out of sky blue, dark red and crimson and is to have cherubs woven into it so they can be seen on each side.

The details for placement of the table, the menorah and other items are very specific. Everything has a place and a reason for that place.

There is also a curtain to be woven and embroidered for the entrance to the sanctuary.

While reading about these specifics could seem boring and mundane, is it not interesting to recognize how creative GOD is?

HE is very specific with the colors, materials, shapes sizes and designs of everything that goes into the tabernacle and even what is used to construct it. This is not a bland and sterile environment. It is full of color... dynamic color, shapes, and design.

What does it say that HE is specific enough to have the curtain that separates the sanctuary from the Holy of Holies to be woven such that the design can be seen from both sides? Is that not indicative of the idea that there would be someone on the inside who would also be able to see the design? Why would that be important?

If we invite someone over to our home... our personal space... do we not enjoy having it well decorated for our visitors to enjoy?

Do we not also decorate for the sake of enjoying the space in which we dwell?

So is it fair to consider that perhaps GOD wants to be comfortable and enjoy the place in which HE dwells but also to have it be something HE is proud to share with us when we are with HIM?

HE is a GOD of creativity. HE is a GOD of order. HE is a GOD of design. HE is a GOD of community. It doesn't matter if we hang out in the sanctuary or in the Holy of Holies, HE can be seen there simply based on the specifics of HIS designs.

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