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Can you "Placebo Effect" yourself to reverse aging?

Thoughts have power!
Thoughts have power!
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The power of the human mind is incredible. We have all heard stories about the so called "Placebo Effect". For example, a group of patients in a hospital is split into two control receiving sugar pills to treat severe pain, and the other given a real pain relieving drug. Both groups are told by their physicians that the pills will take away their pain for sure....they really sell it. An hour later they go check on the the patients. In every case where this experiment was conducted, the group getting the sugar pills had the same response rate as the group getting the real drugs! That's the power of your mind in action. The trick is for us to consciously use that power anytime we desire.

Athletes have found a way to try and trick their brains right into the placebo effect. Most of them have rituals they perform, before games, that they believe will create a positive outcome. They will eat the same meals, stretch and warm up in exactly the same way before the game, and even wear the same undergarments! I had a teammate in college, on the baseball team, that got onto a big hitting streak...22 games. During that entire stretch, he wore the same pair of socks...and did not wash them! He believed somehow that his hitting streak was connected to his socks. It does not matter how or why, the only thing that mattered was that he BELIEVED it. That's why it worked. you think we can all do the same thing in our daily lives? Yes!

There are many things in our lives that we believe to be true just because we were always told that they getting older. We have all been told by society that as we get older, our bodies start to break down and we'll get wrinkles and grey hair. What if we changed our minds on this subject? What if you decided...and truly believed...that you could reverse the aging process? Would it happen? I think so! Let's look at it this way: What is time and why does it "make" our body do things? Time is something that we all just made up to keep track of our day. Why should the fact that the Earth is spinning on it's axsis...the measurement for a day...and it's in orbit around the Sun...the measure for a year...have anything to do with how our bodies age? I say it only has an effect because we BELIEVE so deeply that it does!

The bottom line is this: If you change your beliefs, you'll change your life experience. It's as simple as that.