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Can you miss your Facebook friends

Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

I am not going to be able to be on Facebook for a few days, and a strange thing happened. I started to miss my Facebook friends. People I have never seen, or even knew till Facebook.

I started to wonder, why am I missing these people? Then it hit me, they each play a role in my life. I have one friend who I have poured my guts out to. He has offered good advice, been kind, and supportive. I have grown to depend on my daily communication with him.

Then there is a lady I only know via Facebook. She has opened up to me, and shared her struggles. I talk to her about every day, and now I am worried about how she will work through her problems this week.

Another friend I will miss is a gentleman that seems to think my opinion matters regarding his skill for writing. It feels good to have someone think that highly of me. He writes beautiful blogs. I will miss wondering what he will write about next.

A very kind lady invited me to come to her ranch in California. I had said I was depressed, and she said she knew first hand the pain of depression. She invited me to her ranch to offer me some stress free time in nature, and to be able to find peace. She was sincere in her invitation, and I have only known her on Facebook.

I figured out why we miss our Facebook friends. It is because we connect with them. To connect with someone you share your real self; and on Facebook when we start a friendship it is real, because since we think we will never see them, it is safe to be who we really are. Sometimes people use Facebook because they are lonely. When they find a friend it fills that hole.

Our Facebook friends can be just important as the friends we go out to dinner with. When they help us, and we help them, we have had the honor of doing what we were put on this earth for. We were put on this earth to care for each other. Facebook lets us reach more people, and what an amazing thing this technology has allowed us to do.

Facebook friends, I feel close to you, I love you, and I cherish you. I knew that when I started missing you.

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