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Can you make money by just by being online?

Can you get paid just for watching a television stream?
Can you get paid just for watching a television stream?

I'm sure that many of us would love an opportunity to make money just by browsing online or watching a video. The Universe listens and Law of Attraction does seem to provide at least one solution that may be the easiest possible way to earn and learn.

Marshall Sylver, master hypnotist and entrepreneur, has launched his 2nd phase of his online radio, now a 24 hour television stream where he says he will pay watchers just to watch his programs. In this high pace online world our time is precious and Marshall Sylver recognizes this and is taking the lead at providing an enticing offer that is brilliant!

Marshall Sylver has many different businesses that help people achieve success in all areas of life. It is his passion and dream to grow a billion dollar "television" online. His site does provide nuggets of wisdom and knowledge that can take the Law of Attraction and put it in action.

How does he do it? He takes the money he gets from his advertisers and gives them right back to the audience that tunes into his station. Is it real?

There is definitely a great feeling about watching the numbers rise from the earnings as the seconds pass while listening. Those dollars are actually scholarship dollars, or dollars that are used to purchase additional training products. However, those scholarship dollars can be transformed into real cash, with a little perseverance, focus, and willingness to share his programs with friends and fans.

This site is and you can check it out and maybe improve and learn while growing wealth. As with anything new, there are some quirks that occur in its initial days live. Nonetheless, is still worth the time.