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Can you help find Finn?

Finn is a much loved 3 year old male black Lab Mix who escaped his family while they were visiting with relatives at Ft. Stewart, GA.


Finn is a 3 year old Black Lab Mix who was rescued from an abusive situation in October of 2013. When Brittany Piel and her family adopted Finn he had spent his entire life outside on a chain. He had an embedded collar, was riddled with worms and had infected paws and ears and was very fearful. After Finn's adoption by the Piel's he has blossomed into a beautiful loving dog who loves his family very much including his fur sister Bailey. Finn has his own bed and crate but prefers to sleep with Bailey or one of the family members. Finn has a 6 hear old human sister who loves him as well. Finn is micro-chipped and is wearing a blue collar. He is black with a small white patch on his chest and weighs approximately 80 lbs. Finn's family is a military family and are currently in the middle of a duty station change from Ft. Benning, GA to Ft. Bragg, NC so without our help Finn will never find them. Please help by sharing and notifying anyone who may be able to help us bring Finn home.

There are two searches coming up: At the Range HQ, corner of Old Sunbury and 144 at 6 pm - or any time anyone can join us. FORMAL SEARCH will be same location WEDNESDAY 6 am the time he will most likely be moving around.

PLEASE- IF ANYBODY SEES HIM...DO NOT CALL HIS NAME OR CHASE...that sets him off and gets him running again. ONLY MONITOR and CALL Kirby @ 912-222-8314 or Meike @ 912-321-9296 immediately!

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This family is distraught and want their baby back. Can you help?

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