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Can You Go Camping on a Motorcycle? The Answer is Yes

Camping is a great way to make the most of the great outdoors, particularly in summer, and it is also a way to visit events like festivals and racing cheaply. If you are a biker, through loving riding bikes or through necessity because your bike is your only mode of transport, you may be wondering if it is possible for you to head out for a few days camping on your motorcycle alone. In actual fact, unless you are planning to get in on the new trend for 'glamping', that is, luxury camping, you can very easily organise a camping stay with your bike.

Why Camping on a Motorbike is Easier Than You Might Think

Bikes may be small, fast and compact, but they tend to have more of a capacity for luggage than you may think. Even without a big touring bike like a BMW GS1200 (the bike Ewan McGregor famously rode around the world), you can carry a tent that fits two people, a couple of sleeping bags and the pillows and sleeping rolls you need, as well as fresh clothes, maps, water, and your passenger. You may need to invest in good luggage like top boxes and panniers, but with the right gear and planning, you can quite easily head off on a camping holiday or a weekend at a motor racing track without overloading your bike or going without things you and your pillion passenger will need.

Things That Can Help You Make Your Biker Camping Trip Easy

The first thing you need to look for is a very lightweight tent. Modern technology has meant that you can find tents that will protect you from the elements, even in stormy conditions, that weigh very little when packed up. You may find you have to pay slightly more for a tent that is designed to be small and light to carry than one that would take up most of the boot of a car, but they are available and they are perfect for bikers. If it is your first camping trip, it may seem expensive to buy all the right stuff, but these things will last for years so are a good investment.

Once you have your tent sorted out, you also need to consider how you will cook. Small gas cookers for camping can be found that can stow away in your panniers and be fuelled by small gas bottles you can also carry. Of course, if you anticipate eating out the whole time you won't need any of this.

Where to Get the Right Gear

Getting good camping gear suitable for a bike is easy. If you are on a budget and looking for great deals, try checking out sites like Gum tree by clicking here. Otherwise, good outdoor supply stores will also be able to help you, for example Blacks or Millets.

Camping with your bike can be really fun and exciting, and is also much easier than you might think. Kit yourself out with good luggage and light, portable camping gear, and you can have whatever kind of adventure you like!