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Can you go 10 minutes without your phone to fund a day of water for a child?

10 minutes without your cell phone could provide a day of clean water for a child in need.
10 minutes without your cell phone could provide a day of clean water for a child in need.

More than three quarters of a billion people around the world are without access to clean water.

But there’s something that you – as an environmentally responsible individual – and your employees or coworkers can do about it – and all it will cost you is 10 minutes of your time.

As the current sponsor of UNICEF’s Tap Project, Giorgio Armani is offering this challenge: Put down your cell phone for 10 minutes and leave it untouched and the company will donate enough money to pay for a day’s worth of clean, safe water for a child in need.

It’s simple. All it involves is using your phone to navigate to the UNICEF Tap Project, follow the prompts, set your phone down and leave it alone for 10 short minutes. The site will access the accelerometer in your phone and determine if you are leaving it untouched for the whole time. If not and you move the phone, you will be asked to put it down to continue.

In the meantime, a timer will be displayed on the mobile site, as well as a series of messages about water use and comparisons between those who have access to clean drinking water and those who do not.

It doesn’t cost you a cent to participate in this campaign – just 10 minutes away from your phone – and it could save countless lives around the world, providing a natural resource that most of us take for granted.

For more information about the UNICEF Tap Project, click here.

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