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Can you get a degree without getting into student loan debt?

debtless degree infographic
debtless degree infographic

Getting through college is tough enough without having to worry about tens of thousands of dollars worth of student loans. Unfortunately, that's the economy we live in these days. It certainly isn't uncommon to hear of student's whose college debt follows them well into adulthood, hanging over their heads for years. The best advice we can give to students in these trying times is to plan accordingly.

First things first, apply to in-state public universities. Typically the tuition rates will be a lot lower if you go to a school in your home state rather than out of state; average tuition being $8,893 and $22,203 respectively.
Apply for grants and scholarships as there is something out there for every student. Whether you play sports, are really smart, are a talented artist, are a minority, are a little taller than average, etc... there are scholarships for virtually everything.

For more on how to get the best education and most affordable education you can, check out this infographic for more. Let us know what you think about it in the comments section and share it with your friends!