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Can you fall in love more than once?

This question may be better addressed by the sages, the poets or the novelists of renown than by a simple article here online. Really! Can not the Internet provide such guidance? Well, yeah.

The answer is most certainly! You can fall in love again if you don’t do anything drastic in the throes of lost love. Those who take the “Juliet” way out are obviously not going to fall in love again, however, those who take the “Jane” way out (that’s Jane Doe who shall represent most reasonable people) should know for sure that they can truly love again…and again….and again…

When in the early stages of lost love, there are no words that will comfort you at that moment. You will come to realize, that over time, all those words of encouragement that boiled down to, “time heals all wounds” is really a truism.

Of course you can’t see it at the time because all you can think of is good times shared with your ex-lover or the hurt associated with what ever evil thing they did to you that caused the breakup. This early time after the breakup only allows for the wound to fester because your altered state of melancholy is not really your friend when your love leaves you.

So what could you possibly read here that will help?

It’s actually easy. Just look at the history of all those who have lost love, oh… not Romeo and Juliet. They messed up. There are millions, probably billions of people who have lost love. It’s actually a part of life and even death. We all are going to lose those we love either romantically or friends or family loved ones. Our losses are by design, by circumstance or most universally by death and we all pull through. It’s going to happen. Your hurt shall heal and in time, if you keep an open mind and an open heart, someone will come through to love again.

Some helpful hints about lost love: stop thinking endlessly about the situation. It is normal to think about the loss, the circumstances and mull over the details. As long as you take a break, you shall heal. Know that this sadness of thought will pass as long as you work to move it to the back-burner.

After thinking your sad thoughts for a bit you need to distract yourself from those thoughts. See a movie, play a game, watch YouTube videos, go shopping. Do things that take you away from the thoughts of lost love. It’s not easy at first, but in time, you will find that you are obsessing less and less until you realize that time heals all wounds.

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