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Can you burn off Thanksgiving calories during a turkey trot?

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Have you signed up for a Thanksgiving day turkey trot? In the Twin Cities, there are plenty to choose from. One of the most popular events is the Lifetime Fitness Turkey Day 5K in downtown Minneapolis, but there are several others to choose from if you don't want to come into the city, including a the Turkey Trot St Paul 5K and 10K.

How many calories do I burn at a 5K?

The number of calories you burn running depends on a number of factors including your gender, your pace and the course that you run. There's a common belief that runners burn approximately 100 calories per mile on average. If you run a decent pace (around 8 minutes per mile) that might be true. But if you run more slowly or if you walk during the 5k your number could be significantly less.

Many people try to burn enough calories during the 5k to compensate for their Thanksgiving day meal. Of course, there are ways to burn more calories during exercise, but it's not likely that you can burn enough on the 5k course to balance out the intake during your Thanksgiving meal.

How many calories do I consume on Thanksgiving?

The estimates for the number of calories consumed on Thanksgiving vary widely. For most people, the number will be hundreds and possibly thousands of calories above their normal intake. So, a 5k running effort will not burn off the calories you consume during the meal.

But if you're concerned about your calorie consumption during the holidays there are ways to eat less. Use the tips and recipes below to swap out lower calorie dishes for some high calorie traditional foods. Then plan ahead to choose just a few indulgent foods during your meal.

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