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Can women wear Tabac Original for Men by Mäurer & Wirtz?

The huge 10.1 oz EDC splash bottle of Tabac Original by Maurer & Wirtz.
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You know who you ladies are – those of you who steal a splash or spritz from your man’s fragrance selection because, just like men’s elegant tailoring or sensible down-to-earth footwear that won’t have you teetering at giddy heights, men’s fragrances smell so sexy and sophisticated.

I was intrigued reading the reviews on this fragrance for men that it could also be worn by women, Tabac Original Eau de Cologne (EDC) by Mäurer & Wirtz.

I have the Mäurer & Wirtz’s Tosca EDC for Women, which by the way, could be easily worn by men, and was curious to see what else the German fragrance manufacturer made…

So the 10.1 oz of Tabac Original EDC splash finally arrived today and being a woman, I found it tipping on the masculine side, rather than the feminine side as suggested my some reviewers. I waited for a couple of hours for this decidedly masculine cologne to "settle in" on my wrists then layered it with Tosca, also by Mäurer & Wirtz, and it's absolutely delicious!!!

As for the fragrance itself, Tabac Original EDC by Mäurer & Wirtz is characterized as an “Aromatic Fougere” fragrance for men, though personally, I find it quite citrusy and fresh, even though the florals are clearly detectable, and for some reason, like licorice and a little soapy, like many contemporary men’s fragrances.

Launched in 1955, Tabac’s complex composition features top notes of aldehydes, lavender, neroli, bergamot and lemon, with a heart of pungent carnation, sandalwood, jasmine, rose, fresh pine tree needles and orris root. Tabac finishes off with base notes of tonka bean, amber, musk, vanilla, oakmoss and tobacco. Though many cannot detect the tobacco at all…

By the way, the Tabac Original Eau de Toilette (EDT) is completely different per many online reviews, though there is a general consensus that the EDC is a lovelier scent, though less strong and wears off sooner as compared to the EDT.

Ladies and gents, the whopping 10.1 oz bottle of Tabac Original EDC splash will set you back less than $15 online, deeply discounted (try eBay or, including shipping.

Interestingly, women who wear Tabac get more compliments from men than from women, so men apparently like how you smell if you wear it. Of course, a woman’s body chemistry might make the cologne smell a little different on her as compared to a man.

Okay, it is April Fools Day and I generally do like to get a little mischievous with my articles on this day – unapologetically – but I’m serious about women giving Tabac Original for Men a try, even if by raiding your man’s cologne stash in the medicine cabinet.

And ladies, layer Tabac from time to time with your favorite women’s perfumes to keep them guessing as you walk by…

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