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Can window film help your business prepare for storm season?

Window film can help protect your employees and business from storm damage
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Recently, we showed you how to prepare your business for the Florida hurricane season. To see those tips click here. What we didn’t mention, however, was the role of window film in helping to prepare your business for storm season.

According to Jeffrey Plummer, senior vice president of Sales, Marketing, and Distribution at Madico – one of the world’s leading manufacturers of laminating and coating solutions based in St. Petersburg, Florida – window film can provide an added measure of safety during a powerful storm in several ways. Properly installed, it can:

  • Help hold glass in windows together and helping to prevent it from shattering;
  • Help prevent potential physical harm to you and your employees;
  • Help prevent high, destructive winds from entering your office space;
  • Serve as a passive protection in the event hurricane approved shutters or other systems can’t be installed prior to a storm.

Window film can provide additional benefits such as anti-intrusion protection. It can also help protect against damage and injury due to accidental glass breakage or shattering. Plus, it can have year-round solar control benefits, potentially cutting your energy costs.

Granted, window film by itself is not a solution for storm protection. Nor can it keep glass from breaking or guarantee that the window unit will remain intact. And it isn’t a replacement for other storm protection measures such as shutters. For that reason, insurance companies won’t give your business a “hurricane mitigation discount” if you use it.

However, window film is becoming an increasingly popular solution to mitigate the dangers of high-powered winds and one that your green business ought to learn more about.

For more information about the benefits of window film for both your business and your home, visit the Madico website by clicking here. Or call the company at 800-456-4331.

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