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Can we trade criminals for soldiers?

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While 5 terrorist were defacto released for a soldier who some say had deserted his post in Afghanistan, another soldier continues to be held captive by a group that has done more damage to the United States than the Taliban. While Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is now free in the United States of America after a deal made with the terrorist organization known as the Taliban, Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi is still being held by the Mexican "government" despite over 68,000 illegal aliens who had also committed other crimes being released. The media won't point out this screwup in priorities, which is why you need to share information like this website.


While veterans who served honorably and legally are allowed to die at VA hospitals, Washington DC wants to add illegal aliens into the US military! In addition to more possible Bergdahl incidents, there is likely to be more examples of bureaucrats ignoring crimes in order to advance the illegal alien agenda. Thieves, rapist, & even murderers could end up being in charge of the security of the United States of America. Don't let this happen.


We must make sure that no path to legal status amnesty is allowed to go through. The Republican Party will not gain hispanic votes from any amnesty. Just like it didn't in 1986.