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Can We Tell God He's Wrong

Jeremie Webb

Today’s Torah Commentary from Exodus 27:1-19
The Second Book of the Torah, “Shemot,” “Names.”
This weeks reading is “Terumah,” “Offering.”

Today we read the specifics about how the altar is to be built and the remaining enclosure for the tabernacle.

It has a specific size, dimension, look and functionality.

There are functional parts and decorative parts. But every part is specific in it's design.

How important is it to GOD that everything be spelled out to the tiniest detail? How important was it that HIS design be perfectly implemented?

It must have been very important based on the specifics and the detail we read about all aspects of the tabernacle construction in this parasha.

So how does that reflect on the rest of HIS creation and the character of who HE is? Does this parasha not show that HE is very specific in how and why HE designs and creates everything?

So who are we do discount one little part of who and how we were created? Are we so great that we can tell The Almighty GOD that HE did something wrong in how HE created us?

HE designed the altar of the tabernacle to be both beautiful and effectively functional, so why would we think HE would design us any different?

Is it not time that we take a look at all of the things we have been counting as flaws in our own eyes and realize that they were probably put there in us for a reason? Can we have the maturity to look at ourselves from an unbiased standpoint and realize that we are each made beautiful as well as effective and functional?

Nothing in the tabernacle served the same purpose and none of it looked the same. So why do we as humans think that we would serve the same purpose as another human or need to look the same?

Yet everything in the tabernacle worked in harmony to create a special and wonderful place for GOD HIMSELF to dwell and for the people to be able to come commune with HIM. Are we any different?

Can we not all be completely unique to our design and purpose and yet able to work together in complete harmony to provide a pleasing dwelling place for HIM that also invites and welcomes others to come commune with and get to know HIM?

Who are we to sell ourselves short? Who are we to question our design? Who are we to tell GOD that HIS dwelling place is incomplete because HE messed up on the design????

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