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Can we scientifically find God?

An image of young stars in the Orion nebula is provided by NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope.
An image of young stars in the Orion nebula is provided by NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope.
(AP Photo/NASA) NASA photo

Might i suggest to scientists and scholars that science and good logic alone will not lead one to God?

Preconceptions are a difficult bias to leave out of the equation and can derail even the best among us. The esteemed Dr. Roger Penrose recognizes this fact. But may i humbly suggest that the brilliant doctor stops short in his journey because he fails to look in the right place for answers? I believe the answer is right under his nose (his inner man and mouth).

Simple men have discovered what the truly brilliant often miss because they fail to look in the right places. Those too impressed with themselves miss the answer while desperate people discover the answer upon reaching the end of themselves. The real answer…for those willing to pursue it…lies in crying out to God from a genuinely humble attitude. Those unwilling to seek out God simply are not as interested in the truth as they claim.

I know this appears simplistic, but if there is a God and if He wants to be involved in our lives then we should expect He give us options to discover Him. There will never be a telescope or microscope powerful enough to find Him…but we can find Him with our hearts and mouth.

This can be tested scientifically. Those that genuinely have made contact could be studied to see if the change (2Co 5:17) can be verified and what that change looks like.

We need to first make sure to identify the genuine from the placebo (those sugar coated in religiosity) or pretender. Then test only those that genuinely have satisfied the biblical test and see if there has been noticeable change. I can attest that while i’m certainly not perfect i am not the same person i used to be. We could also go to the jails around the country and see if any genuine conversions have produced changed lives. We could even look at the infamous “son of Sam” killer and his testimony towards the end of his life. He spoke with courage and conviction and did not use his conversion to get out of paying back to society for his ills. Instead he faced his punishment with integrity. We could listen to former drunks that now are preaching the gospel. Former (whatever) that now claim Christ. Instead of dismissing this…count it as evidence in the test.

Pretenders might fool the unlearned but they do not fool us (for long) that have experienced the genuine changed life. Unfortunately the pretenders and deceived make it hard for the analytical mind to discount them. For this reason it is important to learn the difference between real gold and pyrite before coming to a conclusion.

I know lots of genuine and lots of pretenders so there must be a standard by which to measure (it wouldn’t be scientific otherwise) and that standard is Christ.

Does the person genuinely follow Christ or just prefer Him among the other choices? Is he a Christian by new birth or does he think he was always a Christian? John 3:3 addresses that one MUST be born-again. So the wrong answer here means they cannot be part of the test no matter how pious they appear.

Does the person attest to their life being transformed by coming to Christ or do they become uncomfortable with this question? Their response will help you differenctiate the real from the pretender.

A genuine believer will usually smile at the mention of the name of Jesus while a pretender will get his religious tone ready to respond. Does the person you are interviewing fondly speak of Christ or does he just get religious?

One can find that the research is not that difficult for the one genuinely seeking…other than making the researcher uncomfortable as well. But that uncomfortableness might be something you should take a closer look at as well as it might be like the engine warning light telling you that something is not right under the hood.

Use these guidelines and then test the market and see. Google Christian websites for testimonies and You-tube video’s. Open the Bible and document your findings…paying particular attention to the Epistles as they address the Church (now).

Then simply conduct an unbiased and objective test on yourself…call out to God in genuineness and test the results for yourself. Cry out until you are certain if there really was a god that you have been heard. Make sure you are genuine…because God would know if you mock Him and just like you might ignore mockers He might ignore you.

Not only is this fair for all…it is the only fair way. No amount of money or education can give one an advantage with God over the less fortunate.  Approaching with a humble heart rather than an arrogant mind levels the playing field.

Do this and then you will know
what the genuine Christians have known since Jesus’ resurrection. He alone is worth living for. Do this and foolish arguments will fall by the wayside. Do this and really live!

Folks…you are missing a lot if you don’t cry out to God…missing a lot. His love is so real…taste and see…cry out to Him.



  • Tinky Dink 5 years ago

    i think your making religion and such much more complicated than it should be, why even write a column about RELIGION and SCIENCE, any real christian would know there isnt any SCIENCE in RELIGION. You talk too much, and your headings dont match your articles. Maybe you should start writing more a true christian should.

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