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Can We Guess Your Real Age? quiz mostly gets it wrong (Link)

Can We Guess Your Real Age mostly guesses wrong on PlayBuzz
Can We Guess Your Real Age mostly guesses wrong on PlayBuzz

One of those goofy web quizzes is going viral on, mostly because the results are so wildly off base.

Titled, "Can We Guess Your Real Age?", the quiz, published on June 17, asks 15 simple questions, captioned under a relevant photo, which supposedly drills down through a truthful responder's answers, in the vein of the old parlor game, 20 Questions.

In that famous and enduring party favorite, it seems almost impossible not to guess the subject correctly after 20 questions, as, in most cases, the answer presents itself after about 17 or so.

So, 15 should be a snap, right?

Not according to most of the already more than 3,000 comments posted from players claiming the results are either way too young, or, GASP!, way too old.

The questions themselves are deceptively simple: Vanilla or Chocolate? Ketchup or Mayonnaise? Jay Z or J Lo?

Actually, that last one is made up, but you get the idea.

Most of the questions involve some sort of time reference, with one in particular striking a chord: The image of the old TV test pattern back when television stations signed off for the night.

Wait. TV sleeps? (Shhh... You're showing your real age...)

By the 15th question ("Finally, would you describe yourself as OLD or YOUNG?" - hmmm...) one would think the game has zeroed in on a pretty good ballpark figure, assuming quiz takers are being totally honest.


I took the test myself, and, without revealing too many details, I can say the quiz got my real age totally wrong.

By 15 years. (Never mind...)

But, there was a consolation prize. The results revealed that "You are mature, calculated and connected to your emotional side. You already know what you want from life, and you are close to achieving it."

Again, dead wrong, but, hey, I'll take it.

If any quiz takers are seriously upset over the wildly inaccurate results, they all seem to take either the bad or good news in stride and with a dash of good humor.

Leta writes, "You said 29...Whoop, Whoop! I'm 52. I like this!"

Simeon says, "A little off. You said 29. I'll be 81 in August!"

And Savannah writes, "It said I was 50... I'm 17!"

Hang in there Savannah. You're obviously an old soul...

It seems PlayBuzz will have to work on their algorithm for the quiz if guessing a correct age is the truly intended result, instead of some goofy web traffic scheme.

In that case, here's a suggestion:

That last question should probably be, "What's Your Real Age?"

Wanna play?

Here's the link:

Can We Guess Your Real Age?

What do you think? Did PlayBuzz get it right?

Please let us know with a comment below.

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