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Can we do this?

When forced to see and look for an appropriate setting for our fathers and mothers, aunts and uncles each family member has a role to be played. Do you know yours? This is a very vital time in the life of a family, not to mention in the span of a marriage or relationship. We must take the temperature of not only the situation but of all those in the situation with us. Can we provide quality life without imposing a sentence of ‘my way’?

This is plotted out each day by those now in the turmoil of caring for an aging adult. And as we look at this conundrum, can we meet the needs without sacrificing our relationships and our own beings in the quest? This is a situation that is as old as time and yet as new as us. Adult children in the U.S. have not in many cases watched as family members were taken care of by other family members; and if they did what they saw was a through together plan to keep grandma or grandpa out of the nursing homes of the 1960’s.

We, as a people, need to learn all over again how to meet this need. And while doing so, have our relationships and our beings survive.

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