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Can we afford to vote in Rauner?

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Bruce Rauner might be running for Governor as a Republican but he appears to be more Democrat then he likes to let on, seeing that he has, in reality, deep political clout by his long list of board memberships in Chicago and that he was an adviser and is a major ally of Mayor Emanuel. Rauner and his wife have given thousands of dollars to liberal Democrats campaigns and have supported their causes not only with money but with words.

Rauner likes to flaunt that he is just a regular middle class person, you can do that when you have billions and do not have to worry if you have enough money to meet day to day expenses. He knows, like the Democrats, what the people want to hear and can easily buy his way in, after raising plus $4 million added $500,000 of his own money to his campaign, knowing the other candidates, in a short time, will not be able to raise that kind of money.

In his latest campaign ad he boast about he's involvement in charter schools, and why not, he does have his own charter school (Rauner College Prep Charter) with the Noble Networks and was part of the great reform of the CPS, providing $20 million for the cause in which 80 percent of it was ‘wasted. He claims to have no political ties, in his words “ stand up to career politicians” but after calling CPS CEO Arne Duncan, during his reign, Rauner got his daughter into Walter Payton College Prep.

Rauner also is running on the term limit issue, he proposed a 8 year term limit on Illinois lawmakers, well surprise, surprise this is exactly what Gov. Quinn, then Illinois Treasurer, proposed in 1994, if fact he collected 437,088 petition signatures on his “Eight is Enough” petition. Seventy percent of voters wanted it as a statewide referendum on the November 1994 ballot but the Chicago Bar Association filed a lawsuit and blocked it from the ballot. It was brought up again in 2009 at which time it was 2 year term for Congressmen and 4 year term for Senate. So Rauner is not running on anything new.



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