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Can vitamin B6 and folate save your life?


In the ongoing debate over the value of vitamins in health, a recent study in Japan adds strong evidence that the B series vitamins improve heart health. While vitamins are not a nutritional source, they do improve the chemical processed in energy production. In the study, researchers focused in the benefits of using a combination of vitamin B6 and folate (B9) and concluded that when used together; reduce the double threat of stroke and heart attack.

Other research has indicated that these vitamins combined with B12 reduce harmful LDL levels in blood which improves the health status of people at risk for heart disease. In the Japanese study, participants with higher levels of the B6 & B9 experienced significant reduction of heart attack and stroke. The benefits for women appeared to be even better than men in reducing the risks of stroke and cardiovascular disease when compared with the men in the study.

The study observed one key component in blood, homocysteine, an amino acid that may cause an increase in heart related diseases. The combination of B6 & B9 appears to reduce homocysteine which appears to reduce heart related deaths.

However, the American Heart Association (AHA) has already responded to the study results by calling for nutritional moderation instead of vitamin B supplementation. The AHA response calls for a balanced nutritional approach to health by suggesting that a diet with adequate amounts fruits and vegetables will benefit health better than attempting to increase B vitamin intake.

The AHA recommends that men and women eat foods rich in B vitamins and not use vitamin tablets as a supplement. Supplements usually are much less beneficial to people than eating foods that contain the vitamins. The body is much better at processing foods than extracting vitamins from pills. Therefore, nutritional selections in food choices are superior to taking a pill.

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