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Can this pickle get more fans than Nickelback? Yes it can!

Nickelback at a concert in Dublin and the Pickle than has more fans
Nickelback at a concert in Dublin and the Pickle than has more fans
Nickelback photo by James Anderson; Pickle photo from its facebook fan page


  • timmy the tooth 6 years ago

    nickeback more like nickedick

  • jack 6 years ago

    Musically taste? Twlight? Do you have an editor? You get paid for this?

  • Ed 6 years ago

    "anit-nickelback"? You should be fired

  • Brad Haggadone 6 years ago

    I don't need an editor, I have helpful people on the internet willing to comb through my every article and help find typos. Thanks Guys!

  • Diamond 6 years ago

    "A band that plays for the money, not the love of music" - so, these people only go to free rock concerts? Tell us more about all these rock bands that don't charge for their music, I would love to hear how they are so much better than Nickelback. While the pickle's fans are sucking on preserved cucumber, I'll be at the next Nickelback concert having a fantastic time.

    Congratulations, pickle, you succeeded at being negative and spiteful on the internet.

  • u2 6 years ago

    When you compare bands of the same genre as Pearl Jam, Kings of Leon, and classic bands as Led Zeppelin, The Beatles,Pink Floyd,Guns N' Roses with Nickelback...the difference is huge...Nickelback contribution in music is really poor and if you disagree with me is ok, but trust me in 20 years no one will remember Nickelback

  • Sheed 6 years ago

    I know a lot of people that don't make a dime from playing music, but do so best they love music. I have played close to a hundred shows myself and never made a dime, it is about the love of music. Music is a form of art and what nickelback does is not anywhere close to art.

    A local DJ where I live got a chance to meet the band, and they admitted that they don't even like their music and only think of it as a job. I have zero respect for a band that doesn't even like what they play.

  • <3nickelback 6 years ago

    i think nickleback rocks chill out

  • lol 6 years ago

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